Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Dwell on What you Used To Be Able To Do

My brain injury therapist taught me not to feel sorry for myself and not to dwell on what I used to be able to do. She said to face each challenge and ask myself how I could do the task now, with a TBI. She taught me to search for solutions and helped me to build in helpful tools to assist me with my daily routines. Sounds good. It is, but, not so easy when you are challenged by not understanding hundreds of little things that others take for granted. I will be sharing some of my discoveries.

Tip for today: Make friends with a GPS. You'll never have to be afraid of getting lost again. I used to be intimidated by parallel routes that became mixed in my mind. Now, I just trust my little GPS. It doesn't matter how far I go, I can put in my home address and it will lead me safely home. If you do find yourself at a particular place and don't remember which way to  go, don't panic. Just find a safe place and stop. Give yourself a moment. Chances are your little brain will re-boot and you will be safely on your way:)